Situated along the Golf of Asinara, Badesi is a small and delightful place famous for its dunes of very fine white sand, where small and twisted juniper trees grow, and its crystal clear uncontaminated water. A favourite resort for visitors is the Baia delle Mimose, where the floral perfume is unmistakable. The town grew up at the beginning of the 1900s, between the coast and the granite mountains of the Gallura. Human settlements in fact have always been scarce in this area, so much so that in Badesi, there are hardly any archaeological or historical remains from any of the early periods, apart from the ruins of three small nuraghi; this is extremely rare if not unique in Sardinia,. Its name derives from “li Badesi”, “the people of the ford”, indicating crossing point on the river Coghinas which flows this way. Unhindered by historical tradition the modern community has developed dynamically and today has a population of 1,862, which owes its growth to tourism, market gardening and wine production.

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