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Welcome on Holidayinsardinia.com. We invite you to read with attention the following regulations which disciplines the use of holidayinsardinia.com

ART 1 - Introduction

www.holidayinsardinia.com is a service of the estate agency Sardinia,head office: Via Pais Serra 6, Nulvi - SASSARI (ITALY) - Vat 01881440901. The following general conditions constitute an integral part of the contract stipulated with the agency sardinia.

ART 2 - Lease, purchase and sale of residences.

Holidayinsardinia.com is an on line catalogue of houses and other tipologies of real estate and which publish offers of hiring,purchase and sale of private houses mainly. The residences are inserted in the catalogue after an attentive evaluation of documentation and the informations provided by their owners. The precise and detailed description of each housing is accompanied by many images. These private houses or partially used by their owners are furnished according to the personal taste of the owners and to the local traditions: it is important that the customers can appreciate these characteristics to take advantage fully of the holidays and it is important that the customers understand the request, on behalf of the Sardinia Agency and the owners, to have the greatest care and respect of the houses and their objects. The Sardinia Agency does not exclude that these possible differences, compared to the residences where one usually lives, can sometimes cause small embarrassments which could not be accepted like complaints.

ART 3 - Price and services.

The prices published in the catalogues of the houses of holidays are to be understood per day and hiring except different indication. Permanence minimum in tourist season is 7 days with arrival and departure saturdays mainly. In low season on the other hand, in the majority of the residences, the stay could be shorter and they do not exist particular conditions. If your holiday falls across two different price periods you will be charged pro rata for the number of days in each period. The prices can change, except for the bookings already done. The electric and water consumption are normally included in the price, except different indication. The heating, the air conditioning and final cleanings (except other indications) are moreover. Other possible expenses (linen, cleanings during stay etc), are usually payable locally, as indicated on the catalogue. Moreover there can be problems in the correct supply of services like electricity, water and gas, like problems for the opening of public or private working regularly authorized. In these cases or for unfavourable weather conditions, the Sardinia Agency cannot be regarded as person in charge. Moreover it is not responsible for the embarrassments brought by spectacles, musical events of any type which form part of the local tourist offer.

ART 4 - Methods of hiring.

www.holidayinsardinia.com being a catalogue one line, the booking is done one line or by fax at the Sardinia Agency: 4.1 The customer will receive by email a form of confirmation filled with the leasing agreement. 4.2 The contract can be sent by Internet or if it is not possible, it must be sent signed to the Sardinia Agency by fax or the post office. 4.3 Before the 3 days which follow the sending of the contract, the customer will have to confirm the hiring by paying an installment, for a possible cancellation of the booking. It will be necessary to provide a proof of the payment on the account sending by fax or email the copy of the payment done. 4.4 In the event of cancellation of the hiring on behalf of the customer, the installment will not be refund in no case. 4.5 For last time bookings, or bookings done with less than 30 days before the beginning of the stay, the integral price of the hiring will have to be paid in the 24 hours which follow the confirmation of the hiring. 4.6 With the payment of the installment, the contract will be final.

ART 5 - Balances of hiring and cancellation on behalf of the customer.

Usually the balance will have to be paid 30 days before the established arrival, under penalty of cancellation of the reservation, without restitution of the installment. From the thirtieth day, the balance will not be returned in the event of cancellation on behalf of the customer but if the Sardinia agency gets a new hiring of the same housing for the same period, it could refund a sum ranging between 10% and 30% of the only balance of hiring, in the event of cancellation on behalf of the customer from the thirtieth to the eleventh day before the arrival. In the event of cancellation on behalf of the customer of the eleventh day before the arrival or in the event of NO SHOW (not presentation with the keyholder) the entirety cost of the hiring will be retained. For supervision of possible risks of cancellation it is advised to stipulate an insurance policy. If the contract says to pay locally the balance at the deposit of the keys, the balance and the guarantee will have to be paid in cash at the arrival to the keyholder the owner or his representative. In a contrary case the keys will not be delivered and the hiring will be immediately cancelled with the total loss of the installment. We do not accept cheques.

ART 6 - Contract of hiring, consigns housing, a people number, animals.

The leasing agreement must be delivered to the person in charge for the keys at the moment of the shrinking of the key, with what has to be paid. The leasing agreement will be emitted at the reception of the installment. The owner or his representative will refuse the entry in the housing to the customer who will not pay the hiring and the breakage deposit. The leasing agreement is valid exclusively for the number of people envisaged by the contract (including child and bebés): consequently the entry in housing is not allowed to extra people. In this case the keyholder has the right to refuse entry to extra people or charge a supplement. The agency sardinia declines any responsibility on this subject, if the owner or his representative accepts more people. During the reservation the customer must communicate the presence of domestic animals, by indicating the number and the size; in contrary case the owner or his representative can refuse to give the keys. The possible cost relating to the domestic animal is specified in catalogue. The customer has to supervise his animals in common spaces.

ART 7 – Breakage deposit.

At the arrival the customer must pay cash and in euroto the owner or his representative a breakage deposit envisaged by the contract. The deposit will be refunded on departure after deduction of any extra charges or breakages, providing nothing is damaged or broken.The keyholder will refuse the entry to the customer who will not pay the breakage deposit. If you break or damage anything in the accommodation you must advise the keyholder. Even if the owner did not ask a deposit breakage, you and your party will be liable for the cost of repairs and replacements. In the event of impossibility of quantification of the possible damage at the time of the departure, the owner or his representative is authorized to refund the deposit by the bank or the post office (less eventual damage and additional expenses) after having done the checks or necessary repairs. The agency sardinia declines any responsibility in the event of disputes concerning the breakage deposit between customer and the owner.

ART 8 - Cleaning and restitution of housing.

The residences are delivered cleaned and in order. The possible complaints on behalf of the customer for an insufficient cleaning do not include refundings but only the cleaning of the accomodation, after checking of the owner or of his representative. The cost of final cleanings does not include the cleaning and the arrangement of the kitchen and the removal of waste, that have tobe done by the customer. You must leave the house in good order and wash and put away all kitchen utensils before your departure. If it is not done, the owner or his representative will be able to retain completely or partially the deposit or charge a supplement.

ART 9 - Maintenance and breakdowns.

The owner reserves the right to enter housing do maintenance work, like the cleaning of the garden or the swimming pool or if it retains that the behavior of the hosts is not correct. In the event of breakdowns, it is necessary to advise the owner or his representative, who will make repairs as fast as possible according to the cause of the breakdown.

ART 10 - Schedules of arrival and departures.

You should arrive between 17 and 20h, except different indication of the owner and vacate between 9h and 13h the day of the departure, except other indication of the owner. Any modification of the date and the schedule of arrival must be communicated written to the Sardinia Agency or to the person in charge for the keys and approved by the agency with at least 3 days in advance. You must contact as soon as possible the keyholder if you are delayed. We cannot guarantee that keys will be available outside of the above times and you may have to find hotel accommodation and wait until the following day. If you are unable to take occupation on the day and time reserved due to delays, impossibility of the keyholderto arise at the new schedule, impossibility of finding the owner or his representative to communicate the delay, impossibility of the owner or his representative to accept the new schedule for the communicated delay, strikes, personal reasons,no refund can be made. Similarly if you have to cut short your holiday no refund can be made for the days unused. The Sardinia Agency declines any responsibility on this subject.

ART 11 - Alternative or cancellation on behalf of the Sardinia Agency.

If for reasons of force majeure the owner can hire his accomodation anymore , the Sardinia Agency reserves to substitute housing, after agreement with the customer. In the event of nonacceptance of the alternative on behalf of the customer or cancellation on behalf of the Sardinia Agency of the contract for force majeure causes (war, natural disasters, impracticability of housing for fires or serious motivations), the Sardinia Agency can cancel the contract while refunding the sum paid at the moment of cancellation, without the customer being able to ask for later requests of compensation. Refunding of what was paid or the acceptance of a new housing puts an end to the right to possible refundings or requests of any kind.

ART 12 - Modification of the reservations on behalf of the customer.

The modifications of the reservation relating to rented housing (transfer of its reservation to other people, variations of the number of the participants) will have to be requested written to the Sardinia Agency, which will accept them or not, according to characteristics' of housing and of its availability. Requests for substitution of housing are usually not possible. The Sardinia Agency will evaluate the possible requests and will communicate to the customer if its request is acceptable and in which conditions.

ART 13 - Entry in housing.

The signature of the leasing agreement and the act of the entry of the customer in the house includes for all the purposes of law and reason the acceptance of these general conditions of hiring. The customer cannot charge to the Sardinia Agency or the owner the consequences of his possible missed reading of these contractual conditions. The titular person of the leasing agreement will be considered responsible of the hiring. The customer, taking the keys, states to have taken possession of the house and to find it conform and adapt and it he accepts to have the greatest care of what to him is entrusted and compensating any damage caused by him and the other inhabitants. If you break or damage anything in the accommodation you must advise the keyholder immediately.

ART 14 - Complaints and responsibility of the Sardinia Agency.

The residences are inserted in the catalogue after an attentive evaluation of documentation and the information provided by the owners, under their responsibility. Precise and detailed descriptions are written in good faith: the Sardinia Agency declines consequently any responsibility for possible modifications made by the owner to his knowledge. With the catch of the keys, the accomodation is considered adapts and in conformity. If as he takes the keys, the customer sees some nonserious differences with what he reserved, the customer must try to solve and minimize the problem talking with the owner or his representative. Complaints beyond the 24 hours of the arrival will not be accepted. If at the arrival the customer sees important differences with what he reserved, such to make inadequate or impossible the stay, he must immediately communicate it as he takes the keys or by telephone and send the complaints written(fax or email) as soon as possible and not beyond the 24 hours following its arrival. Beyond the term, the complaints will not be accepted. If the complaint is sent 24 hours before taking the keys, the owner and/or the Sardinia Agency will try to solve the problem earliest, even through the possible offer of another housing. In the case in which there is not availability of other similar residences or if the customer refused for valid reasons the alternative, the contractwill be terminated and we will refund the customer of the total or partial value of the hiring, without another refunding or allowance. Without written communication and agreement of the Sardinia Agency and/or the owner, the customers who will give up the house before the date envisaged, will lose the right to a possible refunding of the price of hiring. Alternative residences chosen by the customer, are not object of refunding on behalf of the Sardinia Agency or the owner. For complaint sent after the end of the stay the customer will not have right to any refunding. In particular the Sardinia Agency is not responsible in the following cases:

  • civil or penal consequences, of breakdowns in the structures, installations, pieces of furniture, equipment of the houses; consequences for which the owner is the person in charge;
  • Thefts in the residences;
  • interruption, negligence or anomaly in any service under the responsibility of others: removal of waste, roads and communications, electric distribution power, drinking water, sewer, swimming pools, tennis, plays, animation.

ART 15 - Supervision personal information.

According to law 675/96, on the supervision of the confidentiality and the personal data processing, the Customer authorizes the Sardinia Agency to treat and communicate his personal data for goals relative to his activity that is to say for all the contractual, tax and administrative duties, concerning the hiring, and for information on promotions and catalogues and possible questionnaires on the level of appreciation of the service.

ART 16 - Court and legal competence.

For any legal controversy with the Sardinia Agency, the Court of competent jurisdiction is that of Sassari. This contract is governed by the Italian Law.


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