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Dear grower, our agency manages a thought site to put in switch growers of containers with tourists and travellers in search of a container for their holidays in Sardinia.

We of the Agency Sardinia can help you to convert your estate in a source of rent. The agency Sardinia for the last few years act as courier to thousand of foreign and italian tourists in Sardinia. An enormous market at your service. If you had aa a priori on estate agencies or preceding experiences who have not paid off you, we do invite you to contact us because you will change your opinion! To act alone , cost sometimes, with us you win fast.

Estate operator specialized in rentings, we can even eliminate costs. Consider the time and the money that you lose for selections of interested (contacts, ringing telephone, to give informations, talks, courier, selection of the practice), direct costs for advertising and the time to settle it. If you are tired to must always send by email kilometric specifications of your estate and to waste your time with interminable conversations and sending dozen photographs to make better understand to your customers the composition of the house, from now you will be able to insert a docket concerning your estate on this site, and the customer will just have to to enter on the site to visualize a complete and detailed specification and a series of photographies who will permit him to round virtually in your house based comfortably before the computer.

If you want to publish your estate on hire or in sale, on our site, so as to have a more imported shop window in internet, www.holidayinsardinia. com is the site that you were looking for.

Preliminaries examinations to publish the insertion and successif management

management. The first step to publish an advertisement consists to fill an inscriptive formulary . As the inscription is completed, we will send you a confirmation mail of your inscription indicating you your login and the password (that you will be able to modify at any moment ) which will be given to you and from this instant you will have immediately acces to your personal area. at any moment you will be able to ask the sending of a new password to your email address, in case of forgetting. The second step is to fill the formulary concerning the given informations of the advertisement that have to be insert, observing the directions which will be given to you during the procedure. To have successively access to your managementl pages of the advertisement, you only have to insert your login and password in the box "affiliated Access" on the Home Page of the site. The insertion of an advertisement on the site is free. To your tariffs is added a commission for the Agency Sardinia. After to insert the advertisement the Agency Sardinia, as soon as possible, send an operator who has the duty to inspect the container of theadvertisement so as to verify that all inserted informations into the docket would be correct. The Agency Sardinia audits personally all houses.

Fill your inscriptive formulary


Questions and answers on holidays houses insertions

Who is

This is a totally dedicated site to who has one or several containers in Sardinia and wants to hire them or to sell them, and to evryone who , tourists or not want to hire or to buy a container.

Why should I use to publish my apartment ? is present on the national and international more important search engines, and it is in continuous development To be present on our site means to exploit our visibility and to increase with us.

How much costs me the service?

The service of advertisements insertion is completely free. To your tariffs is added a commission for the Agency Sardinia only in case of renting by the Agency. You are always free to rent your house at any moment and in that case nothing is owed to our Agency.

How much of containers can I -publish?

Ther’s no limit for the number of containers you can insert. You just have to fill in a docket for each container. After inserting the advertisement the Agency Sardinia as soon as possible, send an operator who has the duty to inspect the container of the advertisement so as to verifyt that all inserted informations into the docket are correct. The Agency Sardinia audits personally all houses.

How coul I send equipment (docket and photographs) of the apartments?

The equipment, (docket and photographs) can be inserted directly in your personal area after filling the inscriptive formulary.

I do not have the possibility to make photographs of the container in digital format. How can I do?

You just have to put them into a shut down envelope with the docket, and to send it to us by post . We will insert them. If they are sent without the docket, it is fundamental to indicate the reference of the container concerned .

How much does the insertion of my apartment last?

There is not of temporal limit. It lasts so much the grower desires.

Could I up to date the given informations of the container?

Of course you can , you just have to join us by mail holidayinsardinia datas identifying the container and modifications to do.

How then-me to bring offers last minutes or to modify the calendar to put up to date unattached periods?

Once you have collected the identification code of the container, inside the site you just have to go to the box "Affiliated Access". Insert the login and the password.

Insertions of reals estates on sale

The Agency Sardinia proposes to his customers two forms of collaboration to obtain a common objective : to succeed together the estate sale. The trust and the availability of the customer, joined with our notebook of customers and with our commercial contacts, are necessary elements for the realization of the objective. New technologies, forms of innovating communication who surround us, permit us to contact interlocutors who were impossible to rise before. Today we want to seek after a dream of which we are sure it can be the thuth. To you, customer, we say only to believe in our method and in our investments which today , believe-us, aren’t hypothesis anymore but concrete facts to convert our work and your objective in a strong professional and winning alchemy.


The Agency Sardinia acquires properties on sale only by written order of which it proposes two versions :

Version 1 - Exclusive mandate of sale

Exclusive assigning mandate: exclusive mandate of a minimum term of six months until a year maximum. Charge equal to 4% on the sale-price , in case of the sale would be done by the Agency Sardinia. It makes no provision for repayments of expenses that the seller pays. A reduced charge equal to 2% on the mandate price, in the case that the buyer customer will be found directly by the grower during the period of availability of the mandate.

Version 2 – Mandate of free sale with expenses repayment

Assigning of a mandate in no exclusive form : Free mandate of a minimum term of six months until a year maximum. Charge equal to 4% on the sale-price , in case of the sale would be done by Agency Sardinia.It makes provision for an expenses repayment to pay just at the moment of the signature of the mandate who woul be set up alternately .

The seller has to notify by téléfax, email or phone the Agency Sardinia of the eventual sale in the period of availability of the sale mandate. Furthermore the seller will have to give to the Agency Sardinia the following documents concerning the real estate:

  • Title of origin;
  • cadastral plans of the piece of ground and of the constructions;
  • cadastral verification;
  • eventual building delivered concessions;
  • eventual delivered or requested regularization titles concessions.

IMPORTANT THING : We do not accept sale assignings in verbal form.

Once that the customer and the Agency Sardinia will have found a grant on the mandate modalities , the Agency Sardinia will apply itself to the photographic service realization, films, a technic docket and small stichings to give to every customers or to colleagues of other agencies, containing exact datas and notions of the proprietorship.

Fill the inscription formulary

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