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The agency Sardinia represents a refence for who wants to acquire in real estate in Sardinia, one of the zones more renamed and more known to the world.

An estate offer on sale as on hire among better and more prestigious that the market could give.

Our operators constantly are sagely chosen, much sought after and schooled in order to build the agentive far-flung network on all the ready territory for divulging the name and given goods by the agency Sardinia. Thanks to the professional up to date , she gives a secure reference to solve all estate problem turning out to obtain an high confidential level and of ability; indeed the agency Sardinia assists the clients from the first phases of enquiry, of assessment of the proprietorship and purchasing , until the help relative to first steps for credits who thanks to conventions with the better bank institutes are given with an interesting rate and with easinesses of payment, guaranteing so to the client a complete presence until to end the contract to the notary.

Operators of the agency Sardinia are awake that deciding to buy or to sell a real property represents a important moment in the life of everybody. Many peoples think that it is easy to face easily different bound problems to the purchase or to the sale of a real estate; the reality is though different, difficulties are numerous : from the prices too high, until the risk to contract with persons who are not trustworthy, without forgetting bureaucratic obstacles in some domains as the cadastral, the office of the register, the estate registers conservation , banks.

The real estate is a jewel and an investment assigned to bear interest in the time. The dream of each is to be in possession of an house to the sea the more beautiful of the world. We give you a very rich and varied selection of real estate : from the studio apartment to the prestige villas .

The portal www.holidayinsardinia.com gives therefore a service dedicated to tourist rentings in Sardinia, and it has been specially studied for persons who have the desire to reside during a period in Sardinia. Our estates experts choose fitted houses to honour to the best, according to tastes, exigencies and economic available stocks. All houses are chosen and guarantee comfort and serviceswho represent the heat and typical hospitality of Sardinia. For the tourist, we propose ample cottages offer in all the island in strict time to pay off all stays requests fors, from principals inhabitted centres until rural realities, from coasts to intern zones in contact with the agropastoral world.

If you desire to spend tranquil holidays, far from the stress and in a glamourous surrounding of beaches, sea and sun, come in Sardinia. Choose Sardinia for your holidays. Choose a stay of relaxed in our lodgings. We wait you.

For more informations or rendez-vous , you can call +39079/578025, contact-us by email or do you present in our office in Nulvi (Ss) via Pais Serra, 6.

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