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In this page you find answers to questions more frequent, and who will help you in the use of our pages and will explain you full particulars who concern reservations. For all the others questions who concern our sevice and our offers, we pray you to apply you to our Client Service.

To who belong the houses present on

The houses present on are particularly private houses. In general they are secondary cottages, houses of stay in the country. But on you find resident-ships composed of different apartments, conceived expressly for the tourism.

What can I do on ?

You can choose the house of your holidays in Sardinia. For each house you find :

  • a detailed docket with specifications, service and price;
  • photographs of the insides and of the outsides.

And after you can book by email or calling the number +39079578025.

Which guarantees I have that information on the houses corresponds to reality?

All the houses present on are visited directly by our operators. The card house can seem to you a little cold, but the information are objective. There are not our judgements. If you have doubts, call or send to us an email before booking.

What do before contacting us?

Look in our houses offers which is appropriate to you, you find the prices, availability and photographs of the houses. If you do not find it all alone we can help you... you must only contact us!

How can I do to book a house?

You must initially reach the catalogue of the houses of holidays and to find with the effective search engines which satisfiess your requirements (number of people, price, locality etc), now you can proceed with the request for booking. To book a house is very simple. The booking procedure is composed of 3 phases: "Confirmation Availability", " booking improvement ", " booking completion ". Here they are one by one:

  1. Confirms the availability of the house:
    fill the form present in the card of the house which interests you or call the number+39079578025 or write holidayinsardinia and communicate to our operators the code of the house, the locality and the period. Our operators will check the effective availability of the house and will communicate the positive or negative result to you request. If it is negative we will propose you alternative solutions but with similar characteristics with those requested.
  2. To improve the booking:
    Once the confirmed availability we will ask you to send us a written request of booking (email or fax), by specifying your data; as your written request of booking arrives us, we block the house during maximum 48 hours.
  3. To complete the booking:
    To complete the booking you must pay in the 48 hours which follow the written request ok booking an instalment of confirmation equal to what is written in the card of the house that you want to reserve. When you have done the payment, you must give us a written confirmation of the payment done, sending us by mail or fax the payment receipt; at this stage the house is booked at your name.

After the reservation we will give you all information relative to your arrival (hour of the deposit of the keys, name and telephone of the person which will receive you, meeting point etc).

At what time will be able to occupy the apartment and when will have we to leave it?

Generally, except contrary indications of the owners, the houses must be occupied in the afternoon of the day of arrival from 17,00 to 20,00 and be left free the morning of the departure between 9,00 and 13,00, to allow a correct cleaning.

Is there the linen or must we bring it?

Often the linen is not included in the price of the houses but in the majority of the cases you can directly rent it paying locally. We advise you to check in the descriptive docket where for each housing there are indications about this subject.

Can I bring animals with me?

The domestic animals are allowed in the houses if it is announced in the docket.

How can I have others information about the house?

By asking them directly our call center by calling our numbers, or by contacting us by email.

Can I rent a car?

The Sardinia agency provides this service in collaboration with the most important agencies of hiring.

Does there exist a service of transport from the port or airport to the house?

You can book a transfer, whose price is to be required to our operators, from the arrival place directly to the house (outward journey and return).

Do you book also the plane or the boat ticket?

We can provide you useful numbers and addresses, but for the booking you must address directly to an agency travels.

How is done the keys deposit?

In the documents that we will send you will be indicated the place and the schedule where you will be able to withdraw the housing keys as well as the name of the person wich will accompany you.

Are the houses fitted out to be able to cook?

All the houses are fitted out with crockery, and household whose quality varies according to the level of dwelling.

At the end of the holidays have we to clean the apartment?

We advise you to always check in the descriptive docket where for each housing there are indications about this subject.

Is the price mentioned in the dockets definitive?

The price of hiring of the houses is written explicitly and there are no surprises at the arrival. We always specify you the additional costs, if there are. The additional loads and the final cleaning are always specified. Our commissions are always included. Before renting you know exactly how much you will spend.


Questions & answers

Below you will read our answers to questions, and questions asked by customers who decided to acquire a real estate. We hope that you will be able to find sufficient explanations ,adapted to your case. For all the other questions which concerns our services and our offers, apply to our Customers Service.

Which advantages I have by acquiring a real estate with the Sardinia Agency?

Putting your trust in the Sardinia Agency, you will be able to benefit from a vast range of services, you will be certain of being able to live your purchase in all peace, thanks to the collaboration of our Agency with some houses which enable us to be able to carry out any type of verifications necessary to the good success of the sale.

Are your real proposals such as they give me a vast choice?

The Sardinia agency can count on the deep knowledge of the market in Sardinia and so have a large variety of real estates. Our data bank is constantly updated and is characterized by a large variety of real offers in position to satisfy the most desperate requests.

Do you have a financial service which can possibly provide me a credit?

The Sardinia agency use the collaboration of the largest institutes of bank credit which offer very advantageous loans exclusivly created for the customer who apply to our agency.

Am I covered as for the loads on the real estate?

Of course, thanks to the collaboration with some companies, which provide to our agency an effective service of verifications, which offer a complete, analytical and updated description of physical people, businesses and companies real estate. The provided data make it possible to determine in a precise way the buildings and to obtain indications on their typologies and the existence of legal situations which can influence the value or carry damage of it to the transfer.

Sarò seguito durante tutto l'iter di compravendita?

In our agency the customer will be in relation to a professional which is not only a simple salesman, but a real consultant who will guide you step by step in all the purchase and sale course, having attention with various unforeseen.

Will the installment that I will pay to block the real estate, be returned to me if the salesman will refuse my proposal?

Article 1385 of the Civil code refers to this answer; it says that to the moment of the contract signature a part gives to the other, by way of installment, an amount of money or a quantity of others fungible things. The installment, in the event of achievement, must be returned or charged to the service due. If the part which gave the installment is defaulting, the other can annul the contract, by retaining the installment; on the other hand if it is the part which received the installment which is dafaulting, the other can annul the contract and require the double of the installment. However if the part which is not dafaulting prefers to require the execution or the resolution of the contract, the compensation for the damage is controlled by general norms.

How much do rise the commissions which I will have to pay at the agency?

The provisional compensation which request the Sardinia Agency is sanctioned by a deontologic code which respects the provisions of the italian commerce chamber for costumary and the value of the real estate.

If I will not find in a short time the house which corresponds to the characteristics that I asked, will you give up my request?

Of course,not. But it rarely happens not to satisfy a request and the experience teaches us that in this case it is necessary to better define the desired parameters.

How can I acquire a house on Internet?

By connecting you to our internet site you will not be able concretely to acquire, but you will have the possibility of informing you, by looking at the various real offers inserted in our bank; then you can contact the Sardinia agency.

If I asked your agency an estimate, how much does it cost me?

The expenses estimate is included in the services that we offer to our customers free.

The cheque that I do leave in agency to block a house, must be to the order of the mediator?

Absolutely not; the cheque must be to the order of the owner of the real estate.

Why is it useful to apply to an estate agency?

It is useful to apply to an estate agency because from private individual to private individual there are more risks, it is preferable to have a filter which has function of "guarantee" in the purchase, one saves time and finally, the agency, helps you avoiding agitated research, centering better your objective. A serious estate agency helps concretely and efficaciously, to face the bureaucratic aspects of a purchase and of a sale, for the private individuals and for the companies. For example building firms delegate even more the sale of the real estate directly to the agencies, so the private individual interested in the purchase, must necessarily apply to an estate agency. The role of the agency is "to facilitate" the relationship between companies and private individuals.

Why is it desirable that the owner gives a written responsability for the sale of his real estate?

The activity of real mediation, carried out by the professional mediator, begins directly from the responsability which, to the same mediator, is conferred by the customer who has the intention to sell or to buy a real estate. The "form" that this responsability must have has so a considerable importance to constitute the contractual relationship between the mediator and the user of the professional service. Although the formulation of a mandate by the verbal form is allowed, it is certainly advisable and that constitutes a solid file that the customer gives to the estate agency a written request, already envisaged by the estate agency on printed papers form to be filled with the indication of the elements of the customer and other economic and temporal elements which will have to discipline the course of the professional service. The clauses inserted by many agencies which actuate on the market, are not always in the rigorous respect of the actual regulations, and often determine a situation of great "fear" from the customer. How much time the customer has the doubt to sign or not the mandate with the mediator. The doubt relates to especially fear to be prone to nondesired bonds, without considering the suspect that the contractual proposed form would have been written on agency’s favour and without respecting the requirements of the customers. These perplexities, are less large as the moment when one carries out a detailed examination of the ins and the outs of the relationship about which we speak. It is true that today the requirements of the consumer find finally a adapted supervision. These last years, indeed, we attended a real and considerable development of these themes and, in particular, supervision of the customers in general, especially with regard to the relationship with the companies. This process drove to the introduction of an extremely detailed legal discipline which constitutes an insuperable guarantee for the consumer against the risk which it is prone to vexatious obligations. In practice the Law established a series of defenses against the risk to introduce unfair clauses into the forms proposed to the consumers, by forbiding to introduce such clauses, expressly written and their absolute nullity if they were introduced. Ultimately we can say that the forms which are today proposed to the customers by the Sardinia Agency are reliable since beacause they are written in the total observance of the regulation and in agreement with FIMAA that subordinated it to the screen of the most important associations of consumers, to guarantee the absolute regularity and the respect of the customers. Quite different, naturally, can be the situation for the forms of the contractor of modest dimensions, where the risk of the violation of the rights of the consumer is surely more high. Therefore the mandate in a written form,when it takes as a starting point the principles of exactitude and honesty which must be established in the relationship between agency and customers, is a guarantee. It allows, indeed, the two parts to determine with precision which are the rights and the duties which weigh on the Sardinia Agency and on the customer, without the risk to have nasty surprises. The clearness of the pacts, indeed, is the best element for a valid relationship. So for example in the mandate of sale is given the duration, so that the parts have the possibility to know since the beginning the maximum duration of their engagement, as well as the selling price required and the value of the commissions, in order to avoid incomprehension in future on these points. The pact of exclusiveness, if on a side guarantees the agency against the concurrent activity of other mediators, other the other side guarantees even the customer against the risk to have to pay the commission at several agencies which would have intervened in the same sale. For this reason one disadvises the mandate in verbal form, proposed as useful, by many of other operators whose professionalism is debatable. The disorder and the unconsciousness of reciprocal obligations which determine the absence of regulation of the relationship, are indeed, the best guaranteed of contrasts in the emergent future. In a sector which tends towards professionalism, these approximate operational behaviors will have, without any doubt, a short life.

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